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24-01-2024, 15:30

New StatSnip: An Introduction to R/RStudio

Everything you need to know to get started with R and RStudio!   Meer

08-01-2024, 17:29

New StatSnip on Path Analysis

In this StatSnip we demonstrate path analysis, as a more general version of regression analysis. You can build complex models, with two or more dependent variables; mediating variables; and much more! We show...   Meer

03-01-2024, 17:07

New StatSnip on t-test in STATA and R

Our latest StatSnip explains the basics of the t-test, and its relations to Regression Analysis and ANOVA. More importantly, this StatSnip shows you everything you need to apply t-test to your own data. Get...   Meer

06-11-2023, 10:46


StatMind is starting a series of statistical snippets. StatSnips are free for all, and offer a quick intro into nagging issues. For example, all the fuzz about normality. When relevant, how to test for it,...   Meer